Solar Power Savings Calculator

The calculations performed by this calculator are based on a typical solar system design that covers 100% of your current electricity usage for an entire year. While there are many factors involved in a complete solar analysis -- home orientation, roof slope, shading, among others -- most systems, when properly designed, can be installed for approximately the same cost as your current average monthly electric bill. While your electric bill will continue to increase in the upcoming years, your solar bill will remain constant until paid off.

This calculator also takes into account the 26% FTC (Federal Tax Credit) that will be available for adding solar throughout 2020. Next year, 2021, the FTC drops to 22%, and in 2022, it goes away.  Learn more about the Federal Tax Credit for adding solar power here.

While all homes are different, this will give you a good idea of what your savings will be over the next 30 years. To get an even more accurate quote of your savings, you will need to request a personalized solar analysis. To get a FREE, no-obligation, solar analysis for your home, go here.